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Useful info about GREECE

How to get to Greece
By plane, ship, train or car, or even a combination of transportation means, traveling to Greece is relatively simple and quick, even though it is situated at the southernmost corner of Europe and the Balkan Peninsula.

By Air
Apart from the large airports in Athens in Thessaloniki, there are also smaller airports that service trips to and from the other large cities and the more famous islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

Road and Railway
The railway and road networks link Greece with the rest of Europe via the neighboring Balkan countries, while the large ports of Piraeus and Igoumenitsa handle the arrival of coastal ships mainly via Italy.

When to visit The peak holiday season in Greece is from early July to the end of August, when temperatures are higher, and crowds of foreigners and locals alike travel to the Greek islands. You won't miss out on warm weather if you come in June or September , excellent times almost everywhere but particularly in the islands. Halkidiki peninsula - and the islands of Samothrαki and Thαssos, only really cater to visitors during July & August.
Visa Info  Greece is a member of the EU and Schengen Treaty, so common visa rules to EU apply. For more info please visit the official ministry of affairs site.
Currency  Drachma, pl. drachmas or drachmae was the currency used in Greece during several periods in its history, both ancient and recent. It was replaced by the Euro in January 2002.
Useful Contact numbers
European Emergency Number (Police/Medical/Fire)          112
Police-Immediate Responce: 100
EKAB Abulance Service            166
Fire Brigade 199
Police Departments, tel. Call center 1033
Marine Police Immediate intervention: 108
Counterterrorism agency: 1014
Forest agency: 191
E.L.P.A (Road Asistanc) 10400
Emergencies Hospitals, Pharmacies 14944
Poisoning center 210 7793777
First aid station of IKA 210 6467811
Tourist police 171
Athens traffic police 210 5284000
Attiki Odos traffic police 210 6686300
Drug help line O.K.A.N.A. 1031

What to Visit
The main attraction for those interested in ancient Greece is Athens. Its agora, areopagus and cemetery are all worth visiting. But the highlight is the acropolis, containing the Parthenon and other buildings. No visitor should miss the treasures of the new Acropolis museum or the National Archaeological museum.
Athens area Just along the coast from Athens is the temple of Poseidon at Sounion, made famous in poetry by Lord Byron. Even closer, but in what is largely an industrial area is Eleusis. This was where the Eleusinian Mysteries were enacted. No one knows exactly what these were, as the initiates never divulged their secrets.
Other sites on the mainland
Lying in the shadow of Mount Parnassus, Delphi is still one of the most atmospheric of all the ancient Greece sites.
Olympia. Reputed to have commenced in 776BC, Olympia was the home of the games. Ancient Greeks from far and wide gathered every four years to take part. To represent one's home area was a great honour, and wars between city states were suspended to allow the games to take place.
Corinth was a great rival of Athens and Sparta, and although much of the remains of ancient Corinth are Roman, there is still much to see of the Greek era.
Epidaurus was a place of healing, but is best known for its theatre , still used today for enactment of plays.
Mycenae and Tiryns.Going back further in time (1500BC) you can see the remains of Mycenae and Tiryns.
Bassae is the site of a temple to Apollo, and although covered up at present during renovations is still worth a detour, especially if you're visiting Olympia.
Vergina is an amazing site. Although it's quite a way from Athens (much nearer Thessalonika) it has some of the most admired treasures in all of Greece.
Greek islands
Temple of Aphaia  found at the island of Aegina, close to Athens is a beautiful temple of modest proportions. Delos lies out in the Aegean, and was regarded by the people of ancient Greece as a sacred island.
Santorini, is one of the most amazing islands anywhere in the world. It is in fact a huge volcano, and at its southern end is Akrotiri. Like Pompeii this was buried for millennia under volcanic ash, and was only unearthed in the 1960's.
Crete contains a number of Minoan sites, such as the famous Knossos. Cyprus was fought over many times in the ancient world, and Rhodes, while there is more to see of recent history (the street of the Knights Templar), it still has a few gems to offer such as the acropolis at Lindos.
Kos has a few remains as well, and is also a good destination as a day trip from Rhodes area.

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