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Useful info about MONTENEGRO

How to get there.
Montenegro  is well connected to Croatia, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo.  

By Plane:
In Montenegro there are 2 International airports: Podgorica and Tivat. There is also the International airport of Cilipi located in Dubrovnik (Croatia) which is only 16 km from the Montenegrin boarder.

Podgorica  Airport located 11km from the capital of Montenegro offers daily scheduled flights to Belgrade and various European and world destinations. During the summer season there are many charter flights and air connections to all major cities of the world. 

Tivat  Airport is the ideal choice of arrival to visit the Montenegro coast.  It is only 20km away from the tourist metropolis of Budva and less than 10 kilometers from Kotor. There are daily flights to Belgrade as well as to different European destinations. During the summer season there are charter flights to major European cities.
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By train:
Montenegro has a railway line connecting Bar to Belgrade which connects it with the European railway net, therefore it is possible to arrive in Montenegro by train. The final stop is Bar and it goes through the cities of Podgorica, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, etc.  For more info please visit:

By car and bus
Montenegro is easily accessible by road from Croatia, Serbia , Albania and Kosovo. Scheduled bus lines connect all cities in Montenegro. The country is internationally connected with bus lines to Serbia, Croatia and BiH. During summer season many private mini buses transport tourists to all desired destinations. More information on bus lines can be found at the tourist directory page

By boat
Montenegro is connected to the rest of Europe by ferry through Italy. All year round there are scheduled ferry lines Bar - Bari - Bar and Bar - Ancona - Bar. During summer season the number of lines enlarge and so there are Kotor - Ancona - Kotor and other ferry lines. More information on ferryboat lines, timetable and booking you can get at :
If you wish to shorten your journey from Tivat to Herceg-Novi, there is a ferry Kamenari-Lepetane.

When to visit

Being in south east Europe, Montenegro is best seen in  spring, summer and autumn with plenty of fun and sun to be had. But, winter skiing can also be had in a country which has mountain in its name. Like in neighbouring countries in Montenegro is easy to have fun by the seaside during the warmth of the summer and have white fun during the winter.

Visa Info Entering Montenegro is  easy. Procedures at both the borders and the airport are standardized and uncomplicated. Montenegro can be entered with a valid passport and ID from EU.  American and Canadian citizens do not require a visa to enter the country.  For more info please visit:
Currency Montenegro has adopted the Euro as its national currency since its introduction in 2002 which makes it much easier for most EU clients while all others have an easier conversion job as they would have encounter the Euro in their other travels.  ATM machines are widespread and MasterCard, Maestro and Visa cards can be used for payment in shops and gas stations.
Useful Contact numbers
Emergency: 112
Police: 122
Fire Department: 123
Ambulance: 124
Road Traffic Info : 134
Roadside Assistance and Road Conditions: 1282
International Phone Operator: 1201
International Directory Enquires: 1183
Local Directory Enquires: 1182
Exact Time: 125

What to Visit

Durmitor National Park. There is 4 National Parks in Montenegro, but one of them attract many tourist, because of amazing nature beauty. This is National Park Durmitor. On the North part of Montenegro, Durmitor represent untouched nature, with many attractions and possibilities for active tourism. Hiking, Biking, Mountaineering, Walking, Swimming, Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, ... are only part of the activities in which you can enjoy in Durmitor. Domestic food and specialties are also part of offer in which you will enjoy the fresh evenings.

Porto Montenegro and Bay Of Kotor UNESCO World heritage site Montenegro lies within one of the world‟s most idyllic nautical playgrounds: the Bay of Kotor which  is Europe‟s southernmost fjord and the largest natural harbour in the eastern Mediterranean. Born out of the vision of its chief investor, Canadian businessman Peter Munk, Porto Montenegro‟s state-of-the-art marina utilises the existing infrastructure of the former Yugoslav naval facility upon which it is built. It will feature 630 berths for yachts and will provide the highest level of service and amenities for vessels of all sizes .

Perast Boka Bay is one of the most beautiful little places in Boka Bay, few kilometers from Kotor. Perast is a wonderful old town, with wonderful old architecture. You will enjoy in many old churchs, but one of the biggest attraction is for sure: Our Lady of the Rock (Gospa od Skrpjela),  is a little island in Boka Bay, with an amazing church and museum. This is for sure, one of the TOP places in this part of Europe.

Skadarsko/Skadar Lake National Park Skadar/Scadar/Scutari Lake is an indescribable and in many ways unique site. With the size of 391km2, it is the larges lake on the Balkan Peninsula. Driving through the newly build Sozina tunnel, the lake is only a short 20 minute drive away from the Adriatic Sea. Two thirds of the lake belong to Montenegro, while one third belongs to the Republic of Albania. The region of Skadar/Scadar/Scutari Lake is an area the visitors to Montenegro must come to see to believe that such a place of natural beauty indeed exists.

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