Hotels in Borsh

Borshi is one of the most picturesque villages of Albanian Riviera. It is a maritime village in the Lukovë municipality, Sarande, Albania. Borsh borders with Fterra, Qeparo, Piqerras and has a population of 2500 inhabitants. The castle of Borshi is located at a top of a hill and is highly damaged. This castle was built during the medieval times and it belongs to the IV century. It has a surface of 5 hectares and a basement made of many stone-blocks. The thing that makes Borsh very popular is its beach, which is the largest beach in Ionian sea (7 km). The tourism has begin to develop a lot thanks to village's beauty and thanks to its friendly people. The village is very stable and growing in prosperity thanks to tourism and olive oil production. There are no resorts but family tourism receives at least 15,000 tourists every summer. At the center of the village there is Ixuari of Borsh a natural water resource, one of the 697 natural monuments in Albania. The blue sea and the greenery of olive trees are the characteristic of Borshi coastline. Visit Borsh, Albania and book hotels in Borsh online.