Hotels in Brezovica

Brezovica is a settlement in the Sterpce municipality in Kosovo, known for its Brezovica ski resort. Brezovica is the most visited winter tourist destinations in Kosovo. The ski resort area is ideally situated on the north and northwest-facing slopes of the Šar National Park. The ridge line spans 39,000 hectares of high alpine mountain terrain and forests, with a highly diverse and abundant flora and fauna. Located within 90 minutes of two international airports, the Brezovica resort area represents one of the last remaining under-developed ski resort areas in Southeast Europe It is situated in the northeastern part of the Sharri Mountains, and in the drainage basin of the Lepenac river. The Brezovica ski resort is situated between 900 m and 2,500 m above sea level, about 14km south of the village. There is a combination of mild valley climate in the lower parts and Alpine climate in the higher regions. Visit Brezovica and book online hotels in Brezovica, Kosovo.