Hotels in Mavrovo

Mavrovo is a valley region in the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia. It is famous for the National Park Mavrovo and the largest artificial lake in Macedonia, part of the National Park. Lake Mavrovo is located at an elevation of 1200 meters above sea level, amid woody and high mountains. The highest mountain peak in Macedonia is found in the National Park of Mavrovo, the peak Great Korab (2,764m). Mavrovo is also the most popular ski center in Macedonia. It is possible to ski at the height of 1255 to 1860 meters sea level. The tracks prepared with retracts are suitable for beginners, advanced skiers as well as for professional alpine skiers. In the surrounding area of Mavrovo is located The Monastery of St.Jovan Bigorski, famous for the iconostasis in deep oak carving from 1829. Visit Mavrovo, North Macedonia and book hotels in Mavrovo online.