Hotels in Prizren

Prizren is a historic city located in Kosovo, it is the administrative center of the district and has a population of around 178,000, mostly Albanians. Prizren is very charming Balkan city situated along the banks of a shallow river and surrounded by green mountains. Prizren has a lot of elegant old buildings constructed over many centuries. During the years, the city has seen many different people and rulers come and go, and lived destruction and restoration many times over. Yet, it has survived adversity and is becoming a city that is now looking to the future. As Kosovo's 'cultural capital' with many summertime festivals and the prettiest city centre of the country, Prizren has what it takes to make an interesting destination for foreign leisure and business travelers. This old city with its young population is a great place to visit, be it on a quick stopover en route from Pristina or Skopje to the Albanian coast, or on a longer trip taking in the beautiful mountainous surroundings. There's much to see and do when you visit Prizren, and you can book hotels in Prizren, Kosovo here! Visit Prizren, Kosovo and book hotels in Prizren online.