Hotels in Strumica

Strumica is a city in Eastern Macedonia. Also Strumica is the vegetable capital of Macedonia. The Strumica area is full of things to see. Aside from hiking the nearby Mt. Belasica and waterfalls of Smolare and Kolesino, visitors shouldn’t leave without experiencing the exquisite solitude of Vodoca and Veljusa, two nearby Byzantine monasteries still inhabited by monks and nuns and known for their fresco paintings, mosaics and general tranquility. St. Bogorodica Eleusa, Veljusa - the bishop Manuel of Strumica made this monastery, dedicated to the Holy Virgin Eleusa of Tenderness, in 1080. The monastery is important because of its architectural layout, 11th century frescoes, floor mosaic, and the marble iconostasis. The Roman Thermal - a healing spa from Late Antiquity. Archaeological excavations have revealed 10 well preserved quarters. St. Leontuis - it is claimed that in this monastery St. Kliment held education and worship. Visit Strumica, North Macedonia and book hotels in Strumica online.