Kosovo tours

Albania Holidays as one of the most specialized and an entirely incoming tour operator offers various tours of Albania, and its neighboring countries, Kosovo, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia etc. Our Albania tours for individuals and groups are designed to provide an authentic entryway into Albanian history, culture, nature, daily life and people. This is done with the greatest love and passion for our country, an upbeat feeling that we like to transmit to our clients through interesting itineraries, fascinating venues and passionately capable guides. Our itineraries and tour lengths are flexible, making it easier for you to customize your Albanian tour based on your own interests and time. We welcome requests from individuals and groups. Below you will find a just a few examples of tours on offer but we assure you many more can be developed tailor made for you.

Pristina walking tour


A walking tour through the capital Pristina exploring its main attractions in the centre and surroundings including: the Mother Teresa Boulevard, the monument of Scanderbeg (Albanian National Hero), the Clock Tower, Kosovo Government buildings and the “New Born” monument which is becoming the symbol of this new state.

Location: Kosovo
Duration: 1/2 day

Balkans – "The starting from" tour


This tour as the title shows is a tour designed to be the most basic version of our other Balkan tours, for those who are limited in time and budget but would still like to discover Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Location: Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro
Duration: 10 days, 9 nights

Discover Albania & Kosovo


This tour is designed for the travellers who would like to discover these two unknown destinations. The interesting part is that Kosovo has an Albanian ethnic majority and therefore is in a way a continuation of traditions of north Albania, and yet at the same time there is diversity in habits, culture, nature and sites.

Location: Albania, Kosovo
Duration: 11 days, 10 nights

Essential Balkans from Corfu


This tour is aimed to be an exploration of the Balkan countries Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro starting and ending in a convenient location like Corfu where many low cost carriers and flight charters fly for most of the year. It is an intensive tour aimed to discover the essentials of these countries at the lowest budget.

Location: Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece
Duration: 11 days, 10 nights